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With offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Singapore hosting a team of more than 60 full time researchers and 100 staff interviewers, CarterJMRN is a full service Japan-based market research agency. Our history began in 1989 with the founding of the Japan Market Resource Network. In that time we have worked with most of the major international brands to have entered and prospered in Japan. As a fully bicultural agency, we are known for the cultural sensitivity and effectiveness of our responses to clients’ challenges, applying intelligent and efficient research design. We enable highly practical, prescriptive and actionable solutions.

We lay the foundation for our clients’ marketing activities in Japan, including market entry, with innovative methods that cover the gamut of immersive, qualitative and quantitative approaches. These include cultural analysis, trend watching, secondary desk research, depth interviews, ethnography, focus groups and all quantitative survey methods. We are your guide to unmasking the needs, desires and opinions of Japanese consumers and helping you to translate those into action.

Project Snapshots

CarterJMRN our projects building digital strategy for banking global positioning

The biggest payment brand in the world wanted to uncover how they could work with their banking partners to enhance digital strategy, allowing them to align consumer needs with the global positioning of their brand.

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Gen Y digital strategy

market research revealing trends and consumer behaviour of young Japanese adults

We revealed key issues and events that would influence the behaviour of Japanese adults over the next few years, uncovering macro trends that could shape the nation's mood and mind.

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Trend Watching

Food & beverage
mobile usability testing for digital online banking payments and prototype analysis

Our client wanted to understand current person to person behaviors, opportunities for improvement in mobile usability, and better communication of its benefits to consumers and business partners.

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P2P mobile payment innovation

revitalizing global positioning of American food product by conducting focus groups

A venerable and much-loved family bread spread was looking to consolidate its global brand equity by achieving a robust re-alignment of the brand’s position across Asia while maintaining existing market-specific brand signifiers

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Regional Brand Positioning Development

Food & beverage
CarterJMRN helps build growth strategies to put companies ahead of their competitors

In order to protect its strong position in the Japanese market, a global credit card brand needed urgent action to head off an aggressive competitors new growth strategy… by building a compelling offer for customers and the cards issuers

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Credit Card Threat Counter Strategy

assessing performance of innovative digital platforms used by global insurance companies

Everyone is going digital right now, and frankly, customers demand it. A global insurer in Japan wanted to get ahead of the game- providing an enhanced customer experience via innovative digital platforms and touchpoints to enable a new style of relationship; both with the customer and with agents

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Leveraging Digital for Growth

Banking & Insurance

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