Heads, Hands & Hearts for Age-Tech

Age-tech products and services are at the intersection of ageing and technology, encompassing a wide range of solutions for ageing adults and those who care for them – everything from simple wearables for health tracking to robotic exo-skeletons that aid mobility, to social companionship options, and beyond.

Bringing together those who share the goal of improving ageing lives (i.e., entrepreneurs, startups, investors, established enterprises, universities, research institutes, and government agencies), this event fosters the meaningful connections needed to collaborate in the age-tech venture space, super-charging the vision of Living Best through dialog and illuminating comments from:

Keynote Speaker – Keren Etkin

Author of The AgeTech Revolution, founder of The Gerontechnologist, advisor for age- tech startups, investors, care providers, and innovators in the global longevity economy

Special Guest Speaker – Ken Mogi

Neuroscientist, broadcaster, and author of Awakening Your Ikigai and The Way of Nagomi and many other books covering popular science, criticism and self-help

Expert Panels on Japan’s age-tech ecosystem and success factors, including:


  • Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, Director of the Smart Ageing International Research Center, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer (IDAC), Tohoku University, with prize-winning scientific output in cognitive brain mapping.
  • Mr. Osamu Kobayashi, Department of International Affairs, Japan Science and Technology Agency Kobe (JST), promoting international bilateral and multilateral joint research programs (SICORP, SATREPS, e-ASIA programs).
  • Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, Ph.D., Leading initiatives with start-up support through Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and XBorder Innovations, Inc. (XBI), while establishing a global innovation ecosystem in Keihanna Science City.

Age-tech start-ups and business ventures already demonstrating great promise in improving the lives of aging adults in Japan.

Conducted in cooperation with the Israel Economic & Trade Mission in Japan and the Vitality Swiss program of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

The event will be held from
10am-1pm JST 
at the Tokyo American Club.
English and Japanese available,
with simultaneous translation.

For further information, contact:
Age-Tech Event Office
Office Tel: +81-3-6434-0520


About the Organizer

The Carter Group – Japan Market Resource Network is a Tokyo-based research consultancy that for over 30 years has worked with international businesses in the Japanese market to align business strategy with user needs. Committed to enabling age-tech development that is authentically human centric, the company also serves as a catalyst for tech-enabled product and service development that contributes to creating an ageless society through its recently launched:

Living Best Professional Community, a global knowledge-sharing and networking platform that connects all interested parties in the world of age- tech in Japan, wherever they may be.

Living Best Living User Lab, a consumer-based platform that connects age-tech developers
with real users to test necessary adaptations and marketing approaches with Japanese older adults.

The company authored the 2021 White Paper: Japan: The World’s Real-time Laboratory for Age-Tech. It can be downloaded at: