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Western Food and the Supersizing of Japan

by CarterJMRN     Fat, fat, fat. Over three times more adults on this planet have become obese since 1975, meaning they’ve got a body-mass index (BMI) of 30 or over. The figure jumped—or maybe rolled—from about 4 percent then to 13 percent by 2016. Obesity is considered one of the three greatest threats to human life alongside malnutrition and climate change. In January 2019, the Lancet Commission…
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Marketing is Downstream from Culture?

By Dominic Carter Politics is Downstream from Culture Before he passed away in 2012 the controversial American right-wing alternative media figure Andrew Brietbart often repeated the mantra ‘politics is downstream from culture’. Many would agree that American politics and culture have become even more overtly…
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Karaoke -love it or hate it, it’s here to stay

By Debbie Howard   One aspect of Japanese leisure culture to which nearly every visitor to Japan is exposed is the ubiquitous practice of karaoke — the practice of singing popular songs with recorded background music — usually involving copious libations and a modicum of self-humiliation. In my 29…

Japan’s biggest pop star is not even human

By: Debbie Howard   She has over 170,000 uploaded YouTube videos, 1,000,000created artworks and 100,000 original songs under her name, some of which have been topkaraoke picks in Japan for several years in a row. She has 2,3mn (and growing!)followers on Facebook — more than any other…
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Why Japan’s Cuisine Will Capture You

By Dominic Carter The beginning of 2014 marks the end of my fifteenth year in Japan. That’s more than enough time in one place for any self-respecting expat so, on visits back home, despairing friends and relatives will often ask what on earth I’m still…
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The Return of the Cool

By Dominic Carter On a recent business trip to Singapore I was taken aback when told by someone well connected in the American business community there, “Japan? Oh that’s just a niche market, nobody’s that interested in it anymore”. What a wake up call for…