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Western Food and the Supersizing of Japan

by CarterJMRN     Fat, fat, fat. Over three times more adults on this planet have become obese since 1975, meaning they’ve got a body-mass index (BMI) of 30 or over. The figure jumped—or maybe rolled—from about 4 percent then to 13 percent by 2016. Obesity is considered one of the three greatest threats to human life alongside malnutrition and climate change. In January 2019, the Lancet Commission…
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New Tech Gives Brands an Edge

by CarterJMRN     It was already in 2010 when JMRN pointed out that Japan’s online retail market had increased by 17% annually since 2005, At that time, Japanese consumers were more hesitant than the rest of the world to embrace e-commerce. Japan’s online retail…
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Why Japan’s Cuisine Will Capture You

By Dominic Carter The beginning of 2014 marks the end of my fifteenth year in Japan. That’s more than enough time in one place for any self-respecting expat so, on visits back home, despairing friends and relatives will often ask what on earth I’m still…