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Affordable Luxury Handbags and Accessories Brand Positioning and Ad Evaluation

A global ‘affordable luxury’ handbag and accessory brand that had experienced rapid uptake and expansion globally as well as in Japan sought to confirm its positioning and advertising direction within the context of the luxury brand landscape. Within this context, the company also wished to explore fashion influencer opinions to help round out its view of future directions​.



  • Conducted 30 1.5-hr in-depth interviews with female brand buyers (aged in their 30s, 40s, 50s) and representing brand owners, repeat buyers and considerers regarding:
  • Luxury brand handbag/accessory images and preferences, needs/purchase decision factors
  • Shopping behaviors and preferences
  • Purchase interest
  • Proposed celebrities/ spokespersons
  • Conducted 24 30-minute “in-store-intercept” interviews
  • Conducted 10 1-hr interviews with fashion influencers (bloggers, trendsetters, etc.)


Obtained updated viewpoint on consumer attitudes toward the brand, as well as a deep understanding as to how to modify the global campaign for use in Japan so that deeper resonance could be achieved

“We often have to explain nuances to the home office about how our Japanese fashion customers react differently to global campaigns; this research helped us to understand where and how we could keep certain elements, and modify only a few key items that were not connecting well with consumers”

- Client voice
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