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Exploring Opportunities in the Pet Food Market for Sustainable Business Growth

A foreign food manufacturer and exporter wanted to explore opportunities for business expansion and diversification in Japan. The need was accelerated by the negative impact of COVID-19 on the export sales. The client team was interested in understanding potential in the pet food sector based on consumer insights to revitalize the export business.

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Market assessment based on Secondary Research: market trends and competitor landscape with key
players (international/local), positioning, pricing and portfolios in the pet food market and how the client’s offer compares to them
Consumer insights building and product fit to market understanding by utilizing:
  • Online diaries: Cultural and foundational understanding of dog owners’ needs and product attitudes, behaviours and customer journeys (what, why, where and how)
  • Product in-home placement: Dogs were able to try the product over the course of one week, capturing any kind of experience and feedback from the owners (rich video and image footage)
  • Online mini group discussions with selected participants: Deep dive on the product in-home test and evaluation of the brand and product concept


A comprehensive roadmap for market expansion based on market and consumer understanding, incl. recommendations for localization regarding the brand story, product selection and purchase channels

“The work your company did was extremely helpful in pointing out to us several of the issues, which we need to address before taking this project further. This is especially true around lifestyle factors in Japan, which we need to address to meet potential buyer needs. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to future collaborations.”

- Client voice
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