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Gen Y Digital Strategy

Everyone is talking about Digital strategy at the moment. The biggest payment brand in the world wanted to initiate a major strategy piece to understand how they can work with their banking partners to enhance digital strategy in payments


  • Market landscape mapping incorporating desk research and semiotic analysis
  • Expert interviews with digital strategists
  • In-home digital ethnography incorporating observations and banking and payment ‘tasks’
  • Video vox pops and creation of opportunity themes for workshopping
  • Regional innovation workshops with client partners


A clear roadmap for 2020 digital strategy based on consumer needs and pain points

8 clear Innovation territories based around consumer needs able to align with the global positioning of the brand

"Thanks so much to you and your team for the deck of work, there is positive feedback all araound which is always great to hear!"
"Thanks to the whole team for working on this, it has been a delight!"

- Client voice
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