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Helping a Direct Selling Brand Embark on a New Direction

CarterJMRN was engaged by a leading direct selling company in Japan to assist them with managing their new long-term multi-media advertising campaign and ensuring that it was performing efficiently, as well as delivering the desired impact on the brand’s image.


We designed a customized tracking approach which was specifically designed to address the long-term objectives of the client.


  • We identified key issues in generating campaign cut-through and linkage to their brand
  • We also identified areas where campaign communication needed to be strengthened so that it produced the desired environment and outcomes for the brand
  • After workshopping with CarterJMRN the client and agency team were able to clearly understand the key emphases and actions that were required to keep the campaign on track

“Your understanding, explanation, analysis of our problem were all wonderful, especially in your suggestion to create an index, we received a proposal that greatly exceeded our expectations. You acted as a reliable business partner from beginning to end.”

- Client voice
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