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High Value Traveler Study 2019

Our client is a national tourism body and wanted to understand the behaviours, needs and attitudes of the high value Japanese traveller in order to effectively shape their targeting and communications strategy for the destination, and engagement of these important high value customers.

High Value Traveler Study 2019

Photo by Tianshu Liu on Unsplash


  • N=12 2 hr In home traveller ethnography sessions in Tokyo and Osaka to understand the target, what makes them tick, their behaviours attitudes and needs around high value travel
  • The interviews also explored  several  features and benefits for the destination, helping the team to uncover aspirational and emotive elements which appeal to the target
  • N= 630 25 minute online interviews with the high value traveller segment, mapping awareness, attitudes, planning stages as well as drivers  and barriers, opportunities uncovered in stage 1


  • A comprehensive strategic understanding of the Japanese high value traveller target, honing the key drivers, triggers and barriers which can be overcome with communication, as well as when and how to target the customer for most. effectiveness
  • We uncovered several highly aspirational communication elements the client weren’t aware of prior to the research

“Thanks for all your help and patience with this project it really is a high valued asset to what we do!”
”Thanks so much for sending the report over, the team and I find it very clear and easy to read with excellent key findings”

- Client voice
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