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Informing Comms Directions for Small Businesses in the E-Commerce Space

A globally well-known e-commerce brand planned to increase the number of small businesses selling through its platform. In order to create relevant promotion content, the team was seeking to understand the existing image and perceived merits of buying from small business from customers and sellers’ perspectives. Japan was one market of this multi-country study

Informing Comms Directions for Small Businesses in the E-Commerce Space ​

Photo by Anete Lusina  on Pexels


  • Online focus groups with customers (B2C) and small business owners (B2B)
  • Explore consumers’ attitudes and engagement related to online shopping and image perceptions of small businesses
  • Investigate the motivation to use the platform, expectations and satisfiers of the platform from the sellers’ point of view


  • An outline of consumers’ decision-making process when shopping online and expectations towards small businesses
  • Understanding of motivations and benefits for small businesses to engage with the platform as a sales channels
  • Validation of client’s hypotheses based on real customer voices 
  • Understanding of cultural differences unique to Japan compared to other key markets

“I enjoyed listening to the groups. The moderation and the translation were excellent. We received a lot of good information. Thank you for the excellent reports. Very much appreciated.“

- Client Voice
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