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Leveraging Digital For Growth

Everyone is going digital right now… and frankly customers demand it. A global insurer in Japan wanted to get ahead of the game- providing an enhanced customer experience via innovative digital platforms and touchpoints to enable a new style of relationship; both with the customer and with agents


  • Explored typical experiences, pain points and customer journeys with Gen Y to mid age customers with digital observation interviews
  • Sifted in common needs and specific digital opportunities to match via needs based focus groups in venue
  • Screened 90+ digital ideas developed by the Carter team in Activation groups
  • Prioritised the opportunity path and specific digital initiatives via a Quantitative Digital U&A study


A prioritised list of 4 digital initiatives for development and launch

"A lot of great work was done, critical discoveries were made, and many, many hours were spent discussing and re-discussing what we’d learnt, what it meant and how to communicate it… It was the classic recipe for a year of stress, but you all made it a great year of interactive learning with lots of insights to build on for next year. I don’t want to imagine what the year would have been like without you."

- Client voice
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