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Looking at Japan as an Innovation Inspiring Market

The global consumer insight department of an American toy manufacturing company was looking to provide its stakeholders with snack-bite sized insights on the latest trends and fresh topics from Asia and specifically Japan, via a weekly newsletter.


Desk research on the latest trends and buzz in Japan and other Asian countries to feed into the newsletter creation, addressing:


  • Cultural and societal events shaping the nation’s state of mind and essential information to understand Japanese culture.
  • Trends scan in their marketing and cultural context and concrete examples of consumer behaviour and Asian market direction in a variety of industries, with more focus on leisure, entertainment, technology, social network and family’s relationships related trends.


A biweekly report on  Japan’s societal and cultural trends and habits, providing insights and necessary information to understand Japan’s current state and culture, which could inspire product, service and campaign developments

“The report is great! There’s a lot here that we can share with our teams."

- Client voice
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