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Luxury Handbags and Apparel Brand Re-positioning and Brand Relaunch

A global luxury handbag, accessory and apparel brand that had largely lost its cache due to over-licensing that had made it ubiquitous was undergoing a global brand revitalization and relaunch. In Japan, the company sought to reclaim its legacy and re-inspire both old and new customers, by exploring consumer perceptions of the brand, as well as their reactions to a number of proposed (new) handbag/ accessory designs, and their expectations in terms of store experience.

Luxury Handbags and Apparel Brand Re-positioning and Brand Relaunch​



  • Conducted 12 extended (2.5-hr) focus groups with female and male brand buyers (aged 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s) on:
  • Luxury brand handbag/ accessory images and preferences brand images/ preferences, needs/ purchase decision factors, shopping behaviours
  • Product design evaluation (52 designs across six new lines)
  • Purchase interest
  • Conducted 24 30-minute “in-store-intercept” interviews with regarding experience, digital kiosk, etc.


  • Conducted online segmentation survey (n=1,000 nationwide) with females and males, with 100 of each gender (aged 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s), with questioning items on most of above topics

“Fuel the Future” Workshop

  • Full-day workshop with client’s top management team (representing marketing, store experience, customer service, licensing, finance, legal, and human resources); led by CarterJMRN Team, and resulting in achieving President’s objective of achieving consensus and a clear pathway forward


Obtained comprehensive understanding of target consumer segments, perceptions, needs and expectations of this brand as it endeavours to reclaim its place among desired luxury brands in Japan

“This comprehensive research has allowed us to understand our customers and potential customers much better, and importantly, to see beyond the blind spots we sometimes have as a brand that has been in Japan for some 50 years. Incorporating Carter’s full-day ‘Fuel the Future’ Workshop was instrumental in bringing our top management team together with a clear and unified strategy going forward.”

- Client voice
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