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Luxury Shoes and Handbags Brand Revitalization and New Design Evaluation

A global luxury shoe and handbag brand sought Carter’s assistance in understanding current luxury buyer attitudes toward this iconic heritage brand. In addition to understanding consumer needs, the company wanted to explore fashion influencer opinions, and also to evaluate a number of new designs put forth at the global level, along with a new advertising campaign​.

Luxury Shoes and Handbags Brand Revitalization and New Design Evaluation​

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash



  • Conducted 12 1.5-hr in-depth interviews with brand customers
  •  Conducted 6 2.0-hr focus groups with female brand buyers (aged in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s) on:
  • Luxury shoe and handbag brand images/ preferences, needs/purchase decision factors
  • Product design evaluation 24 designs across a range of styles and prices)
  • Advertising campaign evaluation
  • Purchase interest
  • Conducted 24 30-minute “store intercept” interviews
  • Ten 1-hr interviews with fashion influencers (bloggers, trendsetters, etc.)


Obtained clear direction as to how to adapt advertising campaign for use in Japan, as well as which of the new proposed designs were most appealing to Japanese consumers

“Thank you, Carter Team, for all your help and direction in making this research so valuable for us. We are so pleased to have a clarified view of our customers, and also to have explored how we might approach attracting new brand enthusiasts over time.”

- Client voice
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