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New Luxury Watch Concept Development from a Prestigious Jewelry Brand

A well-known, international high-end jewellery brand was planning to develop a new luxury watch concept. The project team wanted to understand the needs and aspirations towards a luxury watch and how these compare between the brand’s existing jewellery customers and customers of competitor brands. The challenge was to understand how to leverage the established brand equity and appeal to new customers who seek luxury watches in their life and fashion style. 


  • Conduct co-creation workshop-style focus groups with high-end brand jewellery and watch owners
  • Prior to the groups, all participants were asked to complete a pre-task to paint a picture of their lifestyle and engagement with the product categories; this step served in addition as an audition for IDIs
  • Selected and especially interesting respondents participated in a short IDI session before the actual groups in order to deepen the understanding about the meaning of ‘premiumness’ in their lifestyle and their perception towards various luxury brands


  • Obtained comprehensive understanding of the target consumers’ perception and desire towards an ideal ‘premium watch,’ and how the high-end jewellery brand could position itself in that space

“The recruitment process was very challenging this time, but we are happy that everything came together at the end. Thank you for your support throughout the project. The research provided great insights about the target audience and the project team had a great discussion after the research. Thank you so much!”

- Client voice
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