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New TV Show Positioning

Our client wanted to test the acceptance of a new TV show scheduled to be produced in the near future. The team wished to understand the strength of the concept that they should emphasize and the most potential positioning of the show to be appealing to its target groups.

New TV Show Positioning

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  • 20 in-depth interviews with males and females, aged 25-49 to obtain detailed responses and evaluation about the work
  • We presented the title, the cast, synopsis and related videos as stimulus, and captured respondents’ reactions, including overall interest in the concept, elements that triggered interests and key messages of the show
  • Due to the show’s delicate content, we considered moderators that were the same gender and age group as respondents to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere without any age/ gender barriers


  • We could see the key story elements and messages that are easy for males to accept and the characters that females would easily understand. We also highlighted elements that should not be heavily exposed
  • We spotted three key messages of the show to be considered for the client’s marketing strategy development

“It was a very insightful project, as we gained learnings that the format of Focus Groups wouldn’t have been able to reveal. We found new marketing challenges that need to be clarified prior to the launch of the show. We want to find solutions to the challenges in the next market research project with CarterJMRN.”

- Client voice
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