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Online Community Study for a New Advertising Campaign for a Champagne brand

A Champagne brand has launched a new global advertising campaign featuring a world famous athlete in Japan. The client team was keen to understand how the campaign was perceived among Japanese consumers including how it fits to their image of the category and what impact it has on building brand awareness and positioning among the target consumers.


  • 4-day Online Community with 30 males and females, aged 25-40
  • Among all online community participants, 10 people were chosen to join a live chat discussion to discuss at a deeper level the image impressions of different Champagne brands and acceptance of the campaign, shown in a video format


  • The community tasks and live chat discussion lead the team to understand how the target consumers engage with the category
  • A sense of celebration and the premium feel that the consumers associate with the category did not match with theme of the campaign including the featured athlete.  Thus, the study brought out the potential barrier for building the brand in Japanese market

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