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Optimizing the Brand for Future Growth

A well-known luxury fashion brand – often loved for its handbags – conducted a qualitative study to gain a deeper understanding of its existing and potential customers related to image perceptions of our client’s brand and its competitors, purchase journeys and relevant influencers to identify opportunities for a sustainable brand growth in the future.

Optimizing the Brand for Future Growth

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash


  • Focus Groups with female handbag and RTW (Ready to Wear) lovers to understand their lifestyles, purchase journeys and different luxury fashion brand image perceptions
  • Exploration and mapping of the client brand vs. competitor brands in each category, i.e., handbags and RTW plus creating an understanding of brand momentum
  • Using our DCode method to understand different brand image perceptions across different age groups
  • Evaluation of current product collections by showing actual products, as well as advertisement and marketing communication used in the US


  • Painting the picture of existing customers and customers of competitors in terms of how they approach fashion, their purchase journeys, and relevant sources of information
  • Clear understanding of brand positionings among different age groups 
  • Understanding of which collection direction/ items and advertisements work for which age group

“It was such an eye-opening experience to hear the consumers’ voices!
Thank you so much for your effort and great work.”

- Client voice
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