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Preparing the Market Entry for a Beloved Australian Meat Pie Brand

One of Australia’s iconic food items and longstanding food brands decided to enter the Japanese market as part of its global expansion (supported by Japanese’s preference for Aussie Beef). The team wanted to identify how to optimize its opportunities since its product was not well-known yet in Japan and the category perception differed from the one in its home country.

Preparing the Market Entry for a Beloved Australian Meat Pie Brand

Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash


A full foundational study of needs and behaviors, competitive market context and current offerings for market optimization:

  • Experiential interviews with grocery shop-alongs and preparing of the client’s products at home compared to similar products that were already available in the market
  • Consumer focus group discussions incorporating Brand DCode© of the Brand Australia and consumption occasions, evaluation of promotion concepts and logo testing as well as product tasting and evaluation
  • U&A survey to quantify the results and identify winning products and package designs


Research findings strongly guided:

  • Product offer, brand name and logo, and package design
  • Occasion-based marketing and communication
  • In-store product placement

“Thank you for the well-planned and guided research experience. The findings were very insightful and gave us a lot to work with.”

- Client voice
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