Case studies


Regional Brand Positioning Development

A venerable and much-loved family bread spread was looking to consolidate its global brand equity by achieving a robust re-alignment of the brand’s position across Asia while maintaining existing market-specificbrand signifiers


  • Macro trends shaping the nation’s mood and mind
  • Investigation and development of underlying brand pillars and market-specific signifiers via ‘Brand Dcode’ focus groups across three markets


Existing regional and market-specific brand equity was explored and potential new directions indicated

Based on these findings four new ‘brand pillars’ were created and presented as the basis of a new region-wide positioning that would be able to align with the global positioning of the brand

"Thanks again all for all your support over the last few weeks on this project. Now I'm home I can start to appreciate just how much we managed to do!
Especially, THANK YOU team for the de-briefs - so speedy! Lovely job on the report... We are thrilled with the results!"

- Client voice
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