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Rejuvenating a Well-Established Toy Brand

An international toy manufacturer was seeking to gain a deeper understanding of how their current customers perceive its famous Barbie brand to optimize the brand positioning in Japan overall.

Rejuvenating a Well-Established Toy Brand

Photo by Sandra Gabriel on Unsplash


  • Exploring the perception and aspiration for Barbie among users to identify the brand core value and how it resonate with consumers by using a Needs DCode exercise to explore how their choice of toys links to their needs
  • 12 in-depth interviews with girls, aged 3-8, and their moms, as well as teens, university students and young working females.


  • Gaining an in-depth insight into respondents’ play experience- in general, and with the client’s product
  • Recommendations for strategic positioning and messaging going forward based on potential territories that are close to the core brand

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