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Tobacco Product Launch for Niche Market

A local tobacco brand is conducting a series of studies for new product launches as well as product development. As part of the research, the research team is looking to assess potential consumers’ perception to product prototype as well as exploring consumers’ lifestyles to understand how to new product can fit into their lifestyle.

Tobacco Product Launch for Niche Market

Photo by Thong Vo on Unsplash


  • The series of studies consist of an all rounder methodology approach including product testing, online bulletin boards and in-depths interviews
  • This all rounder approach allows a deep diving into the consumers’ lifestyles to have a good understanding on our consumers and using a more conventional method of product testing


  • The team have a good understanding the consumers’ lifestyles combined with CaterJMRNknowledge of local culture
  • The findings provided an indication of new product development

“Thank you again for everything – it was a very well run project and I know the clients were very happy as well.”

- Client voice
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