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Understanding In-home Digital Behaviour

Our client wanted to learn how customers interact (engagement, playback and discovery) with the living room devices they are using to watch sports.


  • Individual in-depth testing sessions, where users were first allowed to freely explore the application, followed by completing several ‘tasks’

  • Testing was done using several devices- smart TV, mobile phones to understand user’s behaviours

  • The interviews were conducted as in-home, that gave the opportunity for the clients to understand how Japanese users are using the application and devices, and allowed clients to not only observe the users’ reaction, but analyse how they interacted with the application and device


  • Attractiveness of price is important since users felt that previous services they had used were a bit too expensive. Client’s service was in lower price which gave lead to acknowledgement that they were in right pricing, or it can be higher in the future.

  • We were able to discover the trigger of subscription which was “first month free trial” that encouraged the users to start using the service.

"It was great to work with you, for having this chance to see the our product actually being used by our customers at their home. We are grateful with all the hospitality that was provided, and we have learnt more about users pain and struggling points."

- Client voice
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