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Understanding the Unique Digital Landscape in Japan for Opportunities in E-Commerce

The local Digital Team of a multinational corporation specializing in luxury goods was preparing a key presentation to global stakeholders to provide a thorough understanding of Japan’s digital landscape. The team was looking for the latest information and insights on online shopper behaviors and profiles, current online service trends, and emerging e-commerce structures and platforms in the luxury category.

Understanding the unique digital landscape in Japan for opportunities in e-commerce ​

Photo by Cotton Bro on Pexels


  • Complete secondary market research and consolidate data for the client’s internal presentation
  • Utilize a range of qualitative and quantitative data in both Japanese and English
  • Explore changes and trends amidst COVID-19 in online shopping and e-commerce services
  • Understand Japan’s digital environment and trends, in addition to the status quo of and key players in the luxury fashion and goods e-commerce arena


  • A comprehensive and coherent presentation (following the client’s corporate design) and for the global team to understand the e-commerce landscape in Japan
  • Highlighting the potential of expanding presence on e-commerce platforms in the age of COVID-19
  • Carving out the unique e-commerce culture and standards in Japan compared to those in Western countries, particularly in Europe

“Thank you so much for all your work! We just finished the presentation and we got positive feedbacks. I do appreciate your hard work to make this happen in such a short time!”

- Client voice
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