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User Experience (UX) Test of a Re-Designed B2B Skincare App

A leading and well-known skincare brand was redesigning an app that was used by its beauty consultants. It enables them to sell beauty products by advising customers on how to choose the right products, based on their skin requirements. We wanted to understand its usability and issues that could emerge when interacting with the app.

App usability test

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


  • Moderated 1:1 usability test interviews conducted by using a tablet device and share screening function, to allow the client to observe the action on the test device in real-time
  • Beauty consultants were asked to interact with a working prototype of the app and complete specific tasks taken from their daily interactions with customers in order to simulate real usage


  • A clear understanding of general usability heuristics (navigability, task completion, look and feel), pain points and insights that fed into the following phase of improvements
  • Building on the insights, the client improved the app and carried out a second round of testing before launching the internal pilot

“Thanks again for everyone's hard work today! The moderation was just great and lead us to the insights we were looking for. I really liked the [team] constellation, you were right to keep it the same! It was perfect.”

- Client voice
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