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green branding fashion Japan

Green Branding Has a Strong Future if Grown from Corporate Roots

by Debbie Howard While the green branding and sustainable product market in Japan may trail that of other developed countries, ...
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Nomikai Culture in Japan: The Liquid Approach to Building Bonds and Social Capital

Nomikai Culture in Japan: The Liquid Approach to Building Bonds and Social Capital

by CarterJMRN In Japan, a drink or three temporarily flattens hierarchies and loosens tongues and inhibitions in all sorts of ...
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Cool Japanese Dads

Parenting in Japan – The Journey of the Cool Japanese Dads

by Debbie Howard In 2007, JMRN pointed out that young Japanese dads were starting to take a much more proactive ...
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washoku Japanese cuisine

Fast Food vs World Heritage: Why the Golden Arches Won’t Devour Washoku

Walking around any major street in Tokyo, you will find American fast-food chains peacefully co-existing next to soba, tempura and ...
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#kutoo high heels

Cruel Shoes and Vintage Sexism in Japan

by CarterJMRN Following close on the heels of this blog’s recent May 21 post about Japan’s ongoing gender gap and ...
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Japanese young people

Why Generation R will have it all

The name of the new era means ‘beautiful harmony,’ a clear statement of what the Imperial household and government of ...
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working moms in Japan

Women Entrepreneurs Solving Problems for Working Moms

By CarterJMRN In spite of the well-publicized push by the government to get women to return to work after having ...
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New labor laws in Japan

Potential Impacts of New Overtime Laws Remain to be Seen

In April 2019, the new labor laws went into effect for large companies. Small companies will follow suit in April ...
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Office life in Japan

New Workplaces, New Work Ways—How Office Life Is Changing in Japan

Around 75 percent of workers here are stuck at a desk for 13 hours a day. It’s no surprise that ...
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