Our mission is to unmask Japan to reveal the real consumer truths

Our Market Research Services

Cultural analysis

Cultural analysis &

Taking the cultural Zeitgeist pulse of consumers, the category or market enables our clients to get ahead of the game of what’s current today, to what’s emerging tomorrow
Trends and consumer pulse

Trends &
consumer pulse

Unmasking the trends and insights that will shape future trends and new business opportunities is something we take pride in. Our trend and consumer pulse information is collected and exhibited across a range of engaging reports
Market reports


We create engaging market reports for a wide range of clients and industries. Our reports go beyond just the data- to explore and highlight what it means for you and your business
Immersion sessions


We believe that great insights and learnings are always best shared. We create fully customised immersion sessions which get our clients up close and personal with consumers- taking you and your team to the heart of the consumer learning
VOXPOPS videos


We bring the consumer into the boardroom with documentary quality and fully edited theme based video learning
Focus groups


With over 25 years perfecting quality for the Asian region, we address regional and cultural sensibilities with an international perspective. We create our focus group based projects using a range of tried and true methods, with cutting edge approaches
In-depth interviews


Another tried and true qualitative toolkit staple, we still believe in the power of one on one learning and observation- and more and more we’re incorporating observational elements to that interaction- to get closer to our customers and uncover their truths
Usability Testing


Japan is one of the most digitally ‘on’ markets in Asia and as such, we’re doing more and more usability, and digital offer based testing in our state of the art digital lab facilities
Accompanied shopping


Japan has some of the most discerning shoppers and not surprisingly, innovative shopping experiences in the region, and our accompanied shopping and shopper safari’s take an observational and psychological approach to optimising the retail environment
Online communities


Getting to the consumer truth with fully designed and moderated consumer communities- capturing the real time ‘pulse’ of the issue and the solutions


Our experienced bilingual moderators have orchestrated focus groups and IDIs for product categories ranging from household products to luxury goods. Our wealth of experience with Japanese consumers and multinational clients drives deeper insight to connect with your research objectives
Advertising evaluation


As holder of the Ameritest® license, we have worked extensively with the Ameritest® Advertising Pre-testing tool, which provides detailed and strategic analysis of TVC’s. The database of locally tested ads encompasses 360 cases for Japan alone
Customer satisfaction


Customer centricity is all about putting the customer at the heart of your business to drive growth. Having an effective read of your customer ‘pulse’ enables a targeted response, and CarterJMRN has developed delivery systems which allow you to have that information at your fingertips.
Market profiling

Market profiling

Our quantitative research helps you fuel the future with development, delivery, and monitoring of aggressive growth strategies. Our experience covers all the classic quantitative approaches, but we love to accommodate "out of the box" objectives


Japan is sometimes seen as a homogeneous market- however, effective strategy depends on being able to effectively meet the needs of key customer segments. We build models grounded in real consumer portraits, detail, and actionability


We are highly experienced in designing and presenting tracking research on a large scale international level. All our tracking work is bespoke – our models are specifically created to address the category and our clients’ particular objectives
Market sizing and market entry modelling

Market sizing & market entry modelling

Japan is a complex market to crack, but our studies in market entry- sizing identify opportunities to optimize products and outlines parameters for success. Most importantly, we bring over 20 years of experience to the interpretation of results


We custom design each and every quantitative project based around your objectives and study needs- no ‘off the shelf’, nor ‘squeezing into the box’ solutions here!
Fuel the Future

Fuel the Future
(Activation, Fusion and Ideation)

Success isn’t just about focusing on the ‘now’, but visioning towards the future. The Carter Group consultants have designed and moderated innovation and ideation-style workshops for a wide range of clients across the region for the past decade. Our approaches utilize ‘Fusion’ style approaches to bring the teams together to harness opportunities
Roadmaps to digitalization

to digitalization

Everyone seems to have done it or is doing it at the moment. Having an effective Digital offer is not just expected, but demanded by the new consumer world. Carter has worked with global and regional brands to build their digital roadmaps- incorporating a range of research practices from digital observations to real time usability testing, and in venue digital labs to build step by step understanding of digital needs and practical solutions

Studio 4

Our modern Studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for use in group and in-depth interviews (B2C and B2B), company meetings and workshops. It is conveniently located only minutes from Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi.
Our bilingual (Japanese and English) staff will help you ensure the success of your meetings.

Contact us:
03-6434-0520 or studio@the-carter-group.com

For more information and detailed access to our rental studio, download:
English PDF
Japanese PDF


Room capacities

Maximum number of occupants
Interview room (Capacity: 6-10 people)
Viewing room (Capacity: 9-10 people)
Monitor room* (Capacity: 4-5 people)
*The Meeting Room has a monitor with a real-time feed of the Interview Room, allowing it to be used as a second Viewing Room.

Room features

Soundproofed Magic Mirror
High-quality audio system
Real-time streaming and Focus Vision equipped
Wi-Fi (wireless LAN)
Mini kitchen

Studio 5

We recently opened a new modern studio with a spacious meeting room and viewing room for focus groups and interviews.
A homely and relaxed environment, it is also an ideal venue for company workshops, hosting events and client entertainment.

coming soon

Room capacities

Maximum number of occupants
Interview room (Capacity: 10-15 people)
Viewing room (Capacity: 9-10 people)

Room features

Bright and spacious main room with city views
Soundproofed Magic Mirror
High-quality audio system
Real-time streaming and Focus Vision equipped
Wi-Fi (wireless LAN)
Entertainment courtyard with drink bar
Large modern kitchen with cooking facilities

What They Say

Tokyo Office

VORT I Nogizaka Bldg. 4F
Roppongi 7-2-29
Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 106-0032

Telephone: +81 3 6434 0520

Nogizaka Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line) 4 min. walk
Roppongi Station (Toei Oedo Line/Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) 10-15 min. walk
1 min. to convenience store and variety of cafés
4 min. from Mercedes Benz Café
English PDF
Japanese PDF

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Customer Journey

Putting the customer and their digital experience at the heart of business requires understanding of the unique customer journey. We map journeys, pain points and solutions to create better customer retention via unbroken digital engagement


Digital solutions make our lives simpler, smarter, and more efficient… or at least they should. With a wealth of usability experience, our clients trust us to explore and optimise their digital offers to create better interactivity

Digital Strategy

We have worked with global brands to build their digital strategies- incorporating research practices from digital observations to real time usability testing to build a step by step understanding of digital needs and practical solutions

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