Integrated Resorts

Foundational Customer Understanding and Insight

  • Foundational understanding of customers, strategic gaps and opportunities
  • Customer segment deep dive and profiling

Concept Evaluation

  • Rides, attractions
  • Merchandise
  • Movies and TV Series

Movie and Trailer Testing

  • Qualitative testing of film trailers
  • Quantitative pre-release screening
  • Quantitative film exit interviews (based on post-release viewing)

Communications Development and Evaluation

  • Advertising evaluation (qual & quant)
  • Insight and key message development, including image tonality
  • App development

Tracking Studies

  • Theme park, on-site Point of Origin and Guest Satisfaction tracking, 365 days a year
  • Awareness tracking

Mystery Shopping

  • In-store environment
  • Customer experience

Featured Integrated Resorts Case Study

Susanne Walloscheck

Client Services Director

Susanne is dedicated to identifying emerging movements in popular culture and translating that information into relevant knowledge for brands and services over the last 13 years. She explores the convergence of brands, products and consumers in order to define and recommend the best route to success in clients’ target markets across Asia. In addition, Susanne is highly engaged, serving as the Vice Chair at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ). Susanne holds a Master’s degree in Communications Management from the University of Applied Sciences Deutsche Direkmarketing Akademie in Berlin, Germany.