Non-Profit Organizations

Foundational Segment Understanding and Profiling

  • Foundational understanding and profiling of the specific NPO target, segments, and their values and drivers around the issues – for both global NPO and a Collective climate change body

Values and Issues Mapping

  • Uncovering the personal underlying values of the target and mapping this against the issues to drive greater engagement
  • Profiling awareness and key triggers around the issues

Brand/ Organization Positioning

  • Understanding key positioning elements for a global NPO using brand Dcode approach
  • Matching consumer’s personal values and social values to the client’s positioning; i.e., identifying gaps and common ground​

"Ideal" Brand Building

  • Using Brand Dcode and Archetype approaches to build a picture of their “Ideal” NPO brand- features, brand belief, personality and “tone”,  and how they relate to supporters, engagement practices

Communications and Strategy

  • Evaluating and optimizing planned executions for the market for a global NPO and Collective Climate change body
  • Optimising concept and PR strategy for Global Org for phasing out of Fossil Fuels

Strategic Planning and Engagement Models

  • Strategic planning workshop for Food Bank organisation in Japan bringing together food contributor partners and end distributors for better solutions
  • Building an optimal engagement model for a Global NPO

Featured NPO Case Studies

Susanne Walloscheck

Client Services Director

Susanne is dedicated to identifying emerging movements in popular culture and translating that information into relevant knowledge for brands and services over the last 13 years. She explores the convergence of brands, products and consumers in order to define and recommend the best route to success in clients’ target markets across Asia. In addition, Susanne is highly engaged, serving as the Vice Chair at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ). Susanne holds a Master’s degree in Communications Management from the University of Applied Sciences Deutsche Direkmarketing Akademie in Berlin, Germany.