Packaging and Advertising Testing

  • Brand associations, messaging, purchase drivers and barriers
  • Design concept evaluation/ development

New Product Evaluation

  • Pre- and post-launch evaluation of new product offerings and promises
  • Testing and evaluation of new flavour offerings

Brand Equity Studies

  • Analysis of consumer insights regarding brand equity, values, and promise
  • Consumer feedback on changing brand perceptions

New Generation Product Testing

  • Testing and evaluation of next generation devices, packaging and sticks

Ethnographic Studies

  • Bar/ restaurant based “drink-alongs” and interviews
  • Location, atmosphere and “brand people” association studies

Advocacy Research

  • Nationwide surveys and interviews among consumers and business owners regarding public place smoking

Featured Tobacco Case Studies

Hideki Motohashi

Senior Client Services Director

Hideki has managed research for the movie and entertainment industry for over 20 years, working with major movie distributors such as Disney Pictures and utilizing a variety of methodologies, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and central location tests. His extensive experience ensures the delivery of deeper contextual insights to clients. On the rare occasions when he is not delving into the development of new entertainment offerings, Hideki loves enjoying the great outdoors, and is an expert fisherman.