Fuel Future Workshops Market Research Japan

Fuel the Future © Strategy Workshops

We have designed and moderated
innovation and ideation-style
workshops for a wide range of clients
across Japan and Asian region over
the past decade.

Roadmap Digitalization Market Research Japan

Solutions Hothouse

An accelerated ‘design-thinking’ style approach to getting from insights to action within a deliberately short timeframe, fully leveraging of the ideas from the target consumer and the inputs of your team.

Thought Leadership Market Research Japan

Concept Bootcamp

Everyone wants their concept to be a well-built rock star from the get-go, but rehearsal and training inevitably make for a stronger, more attractive appeal to the Japanese consumer.

Brand Book Market Research Japan

Unmasking Japan

Carter can assist you with publishing consumer insights that can be further disseminated to align targeted stakeholder groups, both inside and outside of Japan, via digital and analogue media.


Great insight is one thing, but what clients really value from Carter is our ability to leverage insight into actionable strategy: guiding new and adapted content, products and services that really work in Japan.

All the market research in the world won’t help if you don’t know how to act upon it!

At Carter, we take pride in our ability to deliver outcomes which are highly actionable for you and your team- going beyond the classic research debrief to more engaged, involved and practical interactions- getting everyone on board with the learnings and helping you formulate the next steps your team needs to take.

With over 30+ years of experience in Japan we are highly experienced working with a wide range of local and international client teams on their market entry and market leveraging initiatives. Our consultants are highly experienced in recommending ways in which you can further enhance the value of your research and reach your strategic objectives.

How we activate insight to create plans for action

We collaborate with our clients to apply a strategic thinking approach to the identification of opportunities and the correct definition of problems. We employ appropriate methodologies such as design thinking in order to do this – starting with foundational work to frame and define issues, through to concept development, evaluation, iteration and final optimization. We empower you to realize and implement concrete, insight-driven strategies from start to finish.

Working together, we’ve had the opportunity to provide a range of methodologies in the service of strategy, design and activation, including:

  • Fuel the Future: Strategy planning workshops
  • Solutions Hothouse: Design thinking style innovation process
  • Concept Bootcamp: Concept localization and optimization
  • Unmasking Japan: Stakeholder content production

Making your market research investment count

More important than methodology, however, is our consultants’ flexibility and ability to think and to apply the right recommendations in the right circumstances, always collaborating with you for an optimally useful and practical approach.

Case Studies - Activation

Understanding “Loneliness” Among Elderlies and Opportunities of a Socializing Robot

The client team wanted to understand lifestyles, daily life routines and struggles as well as the definition of “loneliness” among seniors.

Market Potential for New Product

A global medical device company was planning to develop a new device. As a first step, they wanted to understand the requirements for entering the market, and the purchase journey of new devices. In addition, also wished to explore the key drivers for change, given that the new product is in demand within the mature age category.

Exploring Care and Accessibility in Japan for Robotics Agency

A major technology brand wanted to understand how themes of care, accessibility and support operated within the Japanese market.

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