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Digital Consultancy

As the consumer moves towards a life managed by and driven by technology and more and more everyday tasks and information gathering are carried out in the online world, it’s become increasingly important for brand marketers to understand how consumers navigate and engage with the digital ecosystem.

At Carter we are helping brands to create all encompassing digital strategies which drive engagement and interaction by reinventing the category experience for customers well into the future.

Foundational needs, consumer behaviours and digital platforms

We’ve been honing our approach to Digital Ethnography over the past 10 years to uncover and understand the driving needs, and everyday digital tasks of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers- helping brands to stay ahead of the game and allowing customers to help shape platforms and usage to drive stronger acquisition and retention. In home digital ethnography uncovers real behaviours and usage, barriers and pain points to the consumer digital experience.

UX and Lab

We regularly undertake UX (User Experience) and 1:1 Lab prototype testing in venue for categories such as smart home devices, on demand media and entertainment, online shopping platforms, Banking and Finance person to person payment platforms, websites and “My page” profiles. Carter has honed its approach to lab environment UX testing, allowing marketers (even on the other side of the world) view consumer usage patterns and react in real time to prototype changes.

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