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Segmentation Market Research Japan


Japan is sometimes viewed as
being a homogeneous market,
but it is far from the case.
We help you define key customer
segments for your offer.

Market Profiling Market Research Japan

Market Profiling (U&A)

Understand how your consumers
think, behave and currently engage
with your product or service (or your
competitors’) in Japan to capitalize
on your brand opportunities.

Customer Satifaction Market Research Japan

Customer Satisfaction

Customer centricity is about putting the
customer at the heart of your business.
Our tools take an effective read of your
customer ‘pulse’, ensuring their needs are
at the center of decision making.

Tracking Market Research Japan


For over 15 years, CarterJMRN
has been the trusted partner in
continuously running some of the
largest consumer tracking studies
in Japan, 365 days a year.

Advertising Evaluation Market Research Japan

Advertising Evaluation

We are highly experienced in creative testing
and utilize the widely regarded global ad
testing methodology Ameritest®.
It is a true test of non-verbal responses
and particularly effective in optimizing ads.

Software Systems Market Research Japan

Customized Software & Systems

We help clients develop highly
effective customized dashboard
monitoring systems that streamline
information and knowledge
management within your business.


Our 25 years + experience in Japan encompasses all the classic quantitative market research approaches, but we love a challenge as well and design and deliver “outside the box” methods and objectives. This ensures we always tailor the best approach to your business needs in Japan.

Whether your project is large, strategic and complex or smaller, tactical and focused, we work with you to design and execute the optimal tailored quantitative approach for your objectives. While some clients can benefit from an advanced quantitative modelling approach, others may need more nuanced contextual insights supported by both quantitative and qualitative components. With this in mind, we use a combination of experience, judgment, creativity and collaboration to put forward the optimal research design and analytical process.

Great quantitative design is one thing, but what clients really value from us is our ability to analyze and interpret the data for highly effective recommendations and decision making.

At Carter, we believe in delivering effective, tailored analysis and highly actionable outcomes and recommendations for your business- looking beyond the data to uncover truly actionable opportunities.

We employ a range of quantitative market research techniques to bring you closer to your Japanese customer, and in quantitatively significant numbers, including online surveys, face-to-face, central location tests (CLTs), in-theatre film testing, and when appropriate, telephone interviews.

Our consumer approaches are used in the service of gaining actionable data you need in order to to make more effective business decisions, such as:

  • Market profiling/usage and attitude (U&A) studies
    How do consumers currently engage with my product/ service category and where are the gaps/ opportunities?
  • Market segmentation studies
    What are the different types of customers, what are their preferences and information channels, and what is their “stickiness” with my brand/product/service-
    who is my ideal target and how do I reach them?
  • Customer satisfaction and tracking studies
    How satisfied are my customers – right now, and as we move into the future- how can I increase customer “delight”?
  • Tracking studies
    Over time, what is happening with my brand awareness/ brand loyalty/ usage frequency/ etc.- and where are the emerging opportunities?
  • Advertising evaluation studies
    How can I optimize our creative execution so that it performs more effectively?
  • Targeted community panels
    How can I recruit and engage with my target community while keeping a pulse on emerging attitudes, beliefs and needs?

What scope of quantitative research projects can we accommodate?

We answer your brief with quantitative solutions that are advanced yet practical – and most importantly, are customized to meet your specific needs. This is true whether we are assisting you via a small-scale 300-person targeted viewpoint, or a larger-scale 1,000+-person nationally representative sample of consumers across gender, age, location and demographics.

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We’re pioneering entirely new quantitative research concepts through which our clients can communicate and engage with Japan’s target consumers – purpose built communities consisting of both online and live events and educational/ training opportunities.

Case Studies - Quantitative Market Research

Image survey of a particular country in Japan

Our client, an embassy of a certain country, would like to improve its country’s awareness and image within Japan in preparation for the upcoming Osaka Expo. However, they currently have no idea how much Japanese people know about their country, what they do know, or what kind of image they have of it. Therefore, they wanted to collect basic information that would be useful in their planning of future measures

Children’s Daily Life Study (Desk Research & Internet Survey)

A client that airs animation for kids in many countries asked us to conduct desk research and online quantitative research on the daily lives of preschoolers in Japan prior to the launch of their animation in Japan.

Luxury Brand Purchase Intention Survey (Exit Survey)

Sales of leather goods at global fashion brand street stores have been stagnant, but because the causes of this decline in sales are unknown no course of action can be taken to improve it

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