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Japan senior technology

Healthy, Safe and In Touch—What Smart Technology Can Do for Japan’s Senior Citizens

by CarterJMRN You’ve probably heard about Japan’s drive to ensure that you, me and everyone else in the country live long, prosper ...
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Japan senior market

Turning Silver into Gold: Marketing to Japan’s Dynamic Seniors

by CarterJMRN Did you celebrate September 16, Respect for the Aged Day? If you’re selling products or services in Japan, you should! ...
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TeamLab borderless experience economy Japan

In Japan, the Future Lies in the Experience Economy

by Dominic Carter Psychologists have been telling us for years now that personal investment made in experiences, rather than material goods, is ...
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beef in Japan

Beef Market Entry into Japan – How Beef Got Its Meathooks in Japan

by CarterJMRN How Beef Got Its Meathooks in Japan If you are considering to enter the beef market in Japan, we got ...
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Food market entry Japan

A Mecca of Opportunity – Food Market Entry into Japan

by CarterJMRN Tokyo has always been a food Mecca. Today, Tokyo has more Michelin star restaurants than any other city in the ...
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green branding fashion Japan

Green Branding Has a Strong Future if Grown from Corporate Roots

by Debbie Howard While the green branding and sustainable product market in Japan may trail that of other developed countries, you can’t ...
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Nomikai Culture in Japan: The Liquid Approach to Building Bonds and Social Capital

Nomikai Culture in Japan: The Liquid Approach to Building Bonds and Social Capital

by CarterJMRN In Japan, a drink or three temporarily flattens hierarchies and loosens tongues and inhibitions in all sorts of social environments, ...
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Cool Japanese Dads

Parenting in Japan – The Journey of the Cool Japanese Dads

by Debbie Howard In 2007, JMRN pointed out that young Japanese dads were starting to take a much more proactive role in ...
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super solo: single life in Japan

Japan’s Growing Lone-Wolf Tribe of Forever Singles

Whether you call it solo katsu, the super-solo life or ohitorisama (“doing things on your own”), living single is big in Japan ...
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