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no dead malls in Japan

Why Malls Aren’t Dead in Japan: A Shopping Spree through Shibuya’s PARCO Mall

by CarterJMRN Digitalization and e-commerce have led to the dead mall phenomenon With everything available at the click of the mouse, shopping ...
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integrated resorts IR Japan

Views from a Market Researcher – The Recipe for Success with Japan’s Integrated Resorts

by Dominic Carter This article was originally published in the Japanese print edition of Amusement Japan. Dominic Carter of The Carter Group, ...
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TeamLab borderless experience economy Japan

In Japan, the Future Lies in the Experience Economy

by Dominic Carter Psychologists have been telling us for years now that personal investment made in experiences, rather than material goods, is ...
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Japanese young people

Why Generation R will have it all

The name of the new era means ‘beautiful harmony,’ a clear statement of what the Imperial household and government of Japan are ...
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