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Tokyo Olympics marketing running sports Japan

Olympics as a Catalyst for Japan’s Exploding Sports Market

by CarterJMRN There was a lot of skepticism going into the Rugby World Cup in Japan. Foreign investors were concerned that there ...
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Japanese consumers market entry

Japan’s Top Ten Powerhouse Brands (and How They Got There)

If you want to be big in Japan, an essential step in your market research should be learning from the most successful ...
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Market research in Japan: the 5 most important things you need to know 

Market research in Japan: the 5 most important things you need to know 

by CarterJMRN Planning your market entry in Japan? Here is our best advice. Starbucks did it nowhere better than in Japan, Disney ...
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Japanese diet

Western Food and the Supersizing of Japan

by CarterJMRN Fat, fat, fat. Over three times more adults on this planet have become obese since 1975, meaning they’ve got a ...
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Christmas traditions Japan

Christmas in Japan: Transforming Marketing Tales into True Tradition

by CarterJMRN Christmas in Japan is an interesting blend of American tradition with a Japanese marketing spin on them. Originally introduced to ...
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no dead malls in Japan

Why Malls Aren’t Dead in Japan: A Shopping Spree through Shibuya’s PARCO Mall

by CarterJMRN Digitalization and e-commerce have led to the dead mall phenomenon With everything available at the click of the mouse, shopping ...
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Japanese wellness fitness trends

Japan’s Emerging Wellness Market – Beauty First, Well-being Later?

by CarterJMRN According to the 2019 Global Wellness Report, the wellness industry is one of the fastest growing global industries projected to ...
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Gender equality Japan

The only figure you need to understand gender equality in Japan

by CarterJMRN If a single word could sum up Japan’s gender role rigidity, it’d be kanai. It means “one who remains inside ...
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market segmentation Japan

Fracking the Japanese Market: Using Market Segmentation to Uncover Hidden Opportunities

by Dominic Carter You may have heard that the Japanese market, despite being the third biggest economy in the world, is past ...
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