Ageing and Generations

Japan is the most aged nation in the world. Across the country, towns and villages are starting to disappear as the population is shaped by some of the longest living residents and one of the lowest fertility rates. The country has traditionally maintained a rigid social structure – rooted in respect of seniority and age – but the slow shift of the country’s demographic pyramid has created a number of new opportunities. The incoming generation – Generation Reiwa – are increasingly aware of their value, from demanding better jobs to having greater control of their free time, they are increasingly questioning what Japan is, or can be, for them. We unravel the consequences of this shift and how international players can find their role amidst social change in Japan.

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All about Ikigai … What It Is, How It Works with Longevity, and a Local Government Example

In Japanese culture, it is said that each person has an ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced ee-kee-guy), or “path to life fulfilment” or “purpose for being.” Four foundational life components come together to create ikigai: passion, vocation, profession, and mission. In short, where “what you love” and “what you’re good at” meet…
Dominic Carter
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Carter Japan Consumer Values Survey 2021 – A Surprisingly Progressive Japan Emerges

By Dominic Carter On many levels, Japan appears to ignore key elements of what westerners consider to comprise social modernity. One classic example is the profound lack of progress women have made in gaining meaningful roles in management. In this area, to name only one,…
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New Online Youth Trends Unveiled with Covid-19

By Saori Hirosawa With Covid-19 dealing a fatal blow to the economy, the information superhighway has provided a gateway for individuals and businesses in creatively responding to the crisis. Tokyo-based millennials have been particularly active in adapting to the pandemic, exemplified in several noteworthy trends online. Dating in the Age of Corona  Among the earliest services to adjust to the new…