Immigration has never been higher in Japan. Despite – in international comparison – modest numbers this is very new ground for a country that has long imposed isolation on itself. Alongside a growing number of new residents and temporary workers, Japan is also experiencing a tourism boom. The number of visitors is jumping by millions each year, even ahead of the country hosting both the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the rescheduled 2020 Olympic Games. With new opportunities also come concerns around how this will impact the country’s unique culture. We share over two decades of knowledge for international players making their mark on Japan–the right way.

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Carter Japan Consumer Values Survey 2021 – A Surprisingly Progressive Japan Emerges

By Dominic Carter On many levels, Japan appears to ignore key elements of what westerners consider to comprise social modernity. One classic example is the profound lack of progress women have made in gaining meaningful roles in management. In this area, to name only one,…