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Development of New Digital Platforms and Touch-Points

Our client wanted to invest in new digital platforms and touch-points which would revolutionize the business, and enable a new style of relationship with customers and agents

Development of new digital platforms and touch-points

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  • Digital ethnography with customers and non customers to understand category journeys and especially pain points
  • Groups to identify category digital needs and screen 90 new ideas against them
  • N=2300 quantitative self complete surveys with respondents aged 20-69
  • Digital U&A, hypotheses validation and opportunity identification, plus screening 40 new digital product ideas


A roadmap for digital development and deployment, including identifying the 4 digital initiatives to be developed and launched by the team.

We presented the outcomes to the client digital team and Accenture.

“Great work was done, critical discoveries were made, and many, many hours were spent discussing and re-discussing what we’d learnt, what it meant and how to communicate it… It was the classic recipe for a year of stress, but you all made it a great year of interactive learning with lots of insights to build on for next year. I don’t want to imagine what the year would have been like without you."

- Client voice
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