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Luxury Watch Brand Positioning Check and Ad Evaluation (Global Campaign)

A global luxury watch brand sought to doublecheck its positioning and to understand how a new advertising campaign would resonate with its Japanese target consumers so they could move forward with creative execution.

Luxury Watch Brand Brand Positioning Check and Ad Evaluation (Global Campaign)​

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash



  • Conducted 24 1.5-hr in-depth interviews (in two separate time periods, to allow for improvements and adaptations in between) with male and female target consumers (aged in their 30s and 40s) and representing both brand owners and considerers regarding:
  • Luxury watch images/ preferences, needs and purchase decision making factors
  • Shopping behaviors and preferences
  • Purchase interest
  • Advertising evaluation
  • Proposed celebrities/ spokespersons


Explored and confirmed positioning strategy, while also obtaining valuable inputs as to how to modify selected ads and celebrities that were out of sync with Japanese core target expectations and aspirations

“We were surprised to see that some of our global ideas were not hitting home as well as they needed to, and now we have what we need to adapt those ads for improved reception. Thank you for your great guidance!”

- Client voice
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