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Privatized Regional Hub Airport - High Frequency Traveler Loyalty Program

Our client is a privatized airport located in one of the key commercial regions of Japan. The client wanted to understand the behaviours, needs and attitudes of their most frequent travellers in order to optimally revamp their loyalty program that specifically targets customers with the highest net present value. Insights were leveraged to ensure that new offerings are aligned with customers’ needs to reliably gain traction and interest, while further deepening customers’ engagement with the airport’s services.

privatized regional hub airport - high frequency traveler loyalty program

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  • N=14 1 hr in-depth interview sessions to understand the target, their lifestyle, underlying principles and values that drive their everyday consumption decisions
  • The interview sought to uncover details around travels’ usage habits, including current airport travel routines and rituals, purpose, frequency, activities leading up to time spent at airport stress point around high frequency travel, expectations around exclusive loyalty programs and perceived level of necessity
  • Five sessions of 120 minute focus group interviews, split by the customer groups mapped out through the in-depth interviews. Hypotheses and activation ideas were tested across these groups in order to build concrete next steps to ultimately communicate with high frequency users more effectively


  • Established a comprehensive mapping of high frequency travellers typology for the Client’s airport, while identifying the unique needs of each traveller type
  • Refined activation ideas, which were uniquely targeted to drive each segment into loyalty program membership by catering towards their specific needs, triggers and barriers

“ Thank you very much for your support through the project. The learning presented exceeded our expectations.
It was an exciting experience to listen for our customers opinions in such lively manner. We have gained very deep understanding about them.”

- Client voice
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