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Trailer Evaluation by Paper Survey (Pre-recruited CLT)

In preparation for the announcement of a new television series, our client wanted to understand which trailer would be best suitable for each market they were releasing in

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  • n= 100 people were pre-recruited to visit our secure facility where they would watch a series of trailers and record their evaluations on a paper survey
  • Data from the survey’s was collected and input in electronic format for analysis
  • Open ended answers were coded and translated to English


Client was able to determine which trailer worked best for the Japan market as well as key terms, words, and scenes to use in their upcoming marketing campaign

“Exactly what I would expect from CarterJMRN. The level of professionalism, attention to detail, and insight that they deliver is worth more than the costs themselves. They have truly helped us to understand this market before making any long-term decisions”

- Client voice
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