CarterJMRN helps you unmask Japan!

At Carter, we lay the foundation for your marketing activities in Japan, including market entry, with innovative consumer empathy methods that cover the gamut of immersive, qualitative and quantitative approaches.

These include cultural analysis and semiotics, trend watching, secondary desk research, depth interviews, ethnography, usability tests, focus groups and all quantitative survey methods.

Experts in the facilitation of collaborative problem solving, we partner with you on your journey, implementing design-thinking approaches to translate deep customer and user understanding into creative brainstorming, concept creation, prototyping and testing.

We are your guides to unmasking and engaging the needs, desires and opinions of Japanese people and helping you to translate those into action.


Our Services

Our services cover the host of methodologies you need to unmask the consumer and activate your success in Japan

Qualitative Market Research Japan
Qualitative Market Research

Focus groups and ethnography facilitate a deeper understanding of Japanese consumer’s needs and existing business opportunities.

Quantitative Market Research Japan
Quantitative Market Research

Market segmentation, profiling and customized quantitative market research help companies fuel their future in Japan.

Studio Rental Market Research Japan
Tokyo Studio Rental

Modern rental studios for market research sessions, conveniently located in central Tokyo at Roppongi Station.

Cultural Landscaping Market Research Japan
Cultural Landscaping

Cultural analysis and semiotics, ranging from immersion sessions to consumer pulse reports, reveal what is really happening in Japan.

Activation Market Research Japan

We translate market research results into tangible marketing and product development strategies for our partners.

Digital Consultancy Market Research Japan
Digital Consultancy

We help brands to create encompassing digital strategies that drive engagement by reinventing the experience.


Some projects we have worked on

Understanding Deeper and Richer Insight into Japanese High Value Travelers​

One foreign government tourism organization was interested in understanding High-Value Travelers in Japan.  The research was requested to obtain deep and rich insight into the travelers in terms of their destinations, desirable travel experiences, and a journey for consideration of destinations.

Image survey of a particular country in Japan

Our client, an embassy of a certain country, would like to improve its country’s awareness and image within Japan in preparation for the upcoming Osaka Expo. However, they currently have no idea how much Japanese people know about their country, what they do know, or what kind of image they have of it. Therefore, they wanted to collect basic information that would be useful in their planning of future measures

Children’s Daily Life Study (Desk Research & Internet Survey)

A client that airs animation for kids in many countries asked us to conduct desk research and online quantitative research on the daily lives of preschoolers in Japan prior to the launch of their animation in Japan.

Luxury Brand Purchase Intention Survey (Exit Survey)

Sales of leather goods at global fashion brand street stores have been stagnant, but because the causes of this decline in sales are unknown no course of action can be taken to improve it

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Viewpoints for Unmasking Japan

Experience Opportunities in Japan

An introduction about the opportunities involving experience in Japan from Dominic Carter, CEO of CarterJMRN.

Gender Equality in Japan

An introduction about gender equality and the changing role of women in Japan from Dominic Carter, CEO of CarterJMRN.

Reflecting the Market and Innovating Changes in Japan

An introduction about reflecting the market and innovating change from Dominic Carter, CEO of CarterJMRN.

Covid-19 and Brand Expectations

An introduction about the impact of Covid-19 on brand expectations from Dominic Carter, CEO of CarterJMRN.

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Brands that like working with us

“Reliable delivery and strong clarity of communication. Excellent support, recruitment, catering, management and moderation, as always!”

Digital Media Industry

“Attentive and knowledgeable personnel, great service, highly accommodating. Keep up the great work - we are glad we found you, and look forward to working with you again”

VP, Creative Agency

“Efficient processes and good attention to detail by all members of CarterJMRN. Very nice facilities. An all-round very good experience. Thank you!”

Finance Industry

“Thank you, it was an exciting approach and new experience to learn with you in this way! It’s a luxury for us to step back from daily business for a whole day but it was absolutely worth it.”

VP, Health & Beauty Care

“Thank you Carter team for working around our busy schedule and making the presentation a huge success. It was evident that a lot of work and thought had been put into crafting the presentation in a way that was insightful and engaging. Thanks to your input and outstanding delivery, we spent five hours on the insights and literally had to pull people out of the room. It’s clear that you have a wonderfully talented team. We made the right choice in partnering with you.”

Executive VP, Skincare

“The survey method they proposed for us met the challenges, and I was moved by the very customized stimuli prepared.”

VP, Creative Agency

“Thanks to your consideration, this project went smoothly without any troubles. We greatly appreciated the teamwork.”

Sales & Business Development, Automobile

“Thanks again for all your help over the past few weeks. I really appreciate your professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail.”

Founder, Food & Hospitality Consultancy

“Carter have twice proved that they can manage complex logistics to set-up robust usability labs globally. The results from each round have been valuable in driving further improvement of our product. Thank you to the team for another great round of user testing.”

CEO, Sports Media

“Thank you for the quick turn around and insightful way you’ve delivered the results. I feel we now have the information and the confidence we needed for this launch. It was a pleasure working with you on this… now to the rest of Asia.”

VP, Skincare

“Debbie and her team are highly competent professionals who take the time to listen to our needs and what it is that we want to get out of the survey. Very rare combination of high quality service, client oriented approach, and excellent communication skills.”

President, Luxury Jewellery

“Thanks again all for all your support over the last few weeks on this project. Now I'm home I can start to appreciate just how much we managed to do! Especially, thank you to the team for the de-briefs - so speedy! Lovely job on the report… We are thrilled with the results!”

VP, Creative Agency

"Smart and professional. I would recommend Carter over any other."

Head of Department, Agribusiness

“As always, smooth running project with helpful staff. I particularly appreciate that you only promise what you can deliver, which promotes trust.”

Director, Smarthome Digital

"Yesterday's workshop was outstanding. The value you brought to the project far exceeded what we alone could have done. Thank you so much. We look forward to reading the report."

Executive Director, Non-profit Organisation

“I don't give up easily, and I am impressed with you and your company.”

Head of Department, Agribusiness

“In time delivery, good communication, great quality of deliverables.”

Director, Market Research Agency

“Carter was flexible, easy and professional to work with. For the type of research we did, I thought the quality of the work was terrific. Really appreciated the team's ability to adapt and execute in what is usually a chaotic environment at our HQ.”

VP, Skincare

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